Albert Heijn Speedshopping

Albert Heijn would like to show people the benefits of their Pick Up Points. Collect as fast as possible 10 products from a shoppinglist, that’s where this game is all about.
Each day for three weeks long, 15 players who finish the most quick will win the products they collected in the game and 5 products they can choose themselves. Of course they can pick this up at their nearest Pick Up Point.

Everyone wins, because participants who didn’t win got a coupon which they could spend on

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Agency: Code d’Azur
Design: Paul Verhulst
Motion design: Paul Verhulst
Creatie: Kim Nieuwenhuijs, Madelon Uljee
UX: Thomas van Sante
Art direction / Lead design: Priscilla de Gier
Producer: Laura Bremerkamp, Michiel Meiberg
Technical lead: Erik Rave
Development: Rick Ekelschot, Rutger van den Broeck, Xenia Sarapoff