Hi there!

I’m Paul Verhulst,
a digital designer based in Amsterdam.

The past

For the last nine years I have been working at and with several companies, but one of the longest two jobs I had in design was at Code d’Azur, where I learned a lot about marketing campaigns, communication strategies and creative concepts. Besides, I got the chance to work for big brand such as KLM, MSC Cruises, Ikea and Microsoft.

After working at Code d’Azur for almost three years I continued full time freelancing instead of on the side. A nice period where I translated my designs also in development, and where I had a lot of small clients.

I really enjoyed being in contact with clients and the variety of work which came up, but I started to miss hanging out and working close with colleagues, especially in a team.

And so I joined TravelBird. Starting at the CRM team, designing for different stages in the customer lifecycle, followed by joining the product team and marketing team my participation in the whole company became bigger and bigger.

But as everything has an end, after almost three years working at TravelBird, I decided to give up my fixed contract and after almost three years to do something else..

In June 2018 I had my last day at TravelBird. As I spent more of my time at the office than at home, it’s logical for me that my colleagues are also my best friends… So luckily I still speak with them a lot and sometimes come over at the TravelBird office.

Present & Future

My new goal besides enjoying the summer, is to think what I really want to do, and what company would fit. So I broke it down in two parts, the job (what) and the company (where).


I like to work closely together with people, and as I’m always open for new ideas and information my creativity comes out best while working together in a multidisciplinary team.

My main role up till now has always been design, but I also value the variety which can be found in the corner of communication, marketing, creative concepting, video, photography and events.

I think it’s important to believe in what I’m doing, or what we are doing as a team or company. To 100% go for it, and together to be proud of what we’re doing.


I’m not looking for a specific company, but what I’ve noticed is I like companies with a flat hierarchy, and a friendly work environment. Plants, light and a soccer table are a big plus, and a close company culture, with drinks on Friday is what I like.

My life in emoji’s…

#Random… But maybe even good for SEO as well, right?

Music Surf Empathy Flowers Photography Space Food Party Nature Events Lamps Friends Plants Animals Positive Emotions Science 80’s Recycling Crazy Dj Entrepreneur Stars Travel Marketing Fun Communication Milky Way Surprising Convertibles Tech Design Love Talk Cats Dance Balloons Creative Caring Sea Yes Sexy Astrophotography Earth Rave Curious Healthy Adventurous Enthusiast Sun Open Amsterdam Fire Sci-Fi Radio Emoji’s 

Pffoo, that’s a lot about me..



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